How do the best B2B companies approach their Linkedin page content?

Learn how the best B2B companies approaching creating content for their Linkedin company pages.

I manually went through 30 days worth of Linkedin posts for Gong and to find out.

I tagged them across these areas:

The theme of the post:

-> Thought leadership,
-> Funny posts
-> Event promotions,
-> Team celebrations,
-> etc.

The format of the posts:

-> Image posts,
-> Carousel posts,
-> Polls,
-> etc.

The below images show the themes shared over 30 days.

What I find interesting is how different the two companies are.

Here’s some quick insights:

→ 🤗 Apollo celebrates new hires and promotions frequently
→ 🤣 They’re both equally funny
→ 🧠 Gong goes heavy on thought leadership content
→ 🗓️ Apollo is pushing their events
→ 💻 They evenly promote product features
→ 🕺🏻Apollo does more team takeovers

I've got a lot more data which I'll be sharing, but get in touch if you want to learn anything specific.

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