Follow a live audit of a Linkedin Company Page

I picked a random Linkedin company page that could do with some love, in this case it was Contently's. Follow as I walk through the key things Contently could do to improve their engagement, impressions and ultimately drive an ROI on the Linkedin content that they're posting.

If I was advising Contently on their Linkedin page content, this is what I'd tell them πŸ‘‡

You're not posting consistently - post every day. At least 3-5 days per week. You can post even more frequently, but you need to be careful as Linkedin can split engagement between posts shared too close together.

Your content not human enough - share more images, videos and gifs of real people. Human faces should dominate your feed.

Your team isn't visible - you should celebrate your team. New hires, promotions, team gatherings, etc. Get team members to take over your Linkedin account for a day and share their stories.

Where are the Polls?! - Polls offer high engagement, get em in there.

Tone down your branding - Overly branded content reduces engagement. Everything begins to look very same-y and business-y.

Increase the variety of posts - every post should feel different and unique, polls, images, videos, gifs, thought leadership, carousels, etc. Variety is in fact the spice of life.

Stop linking away so much - Linkedin doesn't like when you keep sending people away from their platform. If you're going to link to an article, make it one that you've posted as a 'Linkedin Article' or 'Linkedin Newsletter'.

Share some stories - Share stories about the business, the team, etc. Stories resonate with people and drive engagement.

Create conversations - The most valuable thing you can do is drive conversations. Get people talking in the comments.

Employee advocacy - Create content that drives discussions in your team. You want them to be participating in every post.

Structure posts better - Think about the hooks and the way posts are formatted. You want to encourage people to 'see more' and you want all the content to be easy to scan and digest.

I could go on... but check out the video πŸ‘‡

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