Increase engagement in your B2B Linkedin content in 2024

Driving engagement in your B2B Linkedin posts is hard, even harder when you don't know what Linkedin's algorithm is looking for. We broke down the main things that you can do to increase your chances of success.

πŸ“Š Polls drive engagement

  • Reach 1.99x > average
  • 2.16x higher on company pages
  • Ideal: 1-week duration.
  • 1.6x more reach than text+image.
  • Aim for 12-13 slides.
  • 25-50 words per slide.
  • Poor mobile optimisation = 75% drop in reach.

πŸŒ… Text + Image Posts

  • 1.26x the average reach.
  • Posts with 900-1,200 characters see the best engagement.
  • 10% drop in reach for every additional 300 characters.
  • Each additional image up to the 5th can boost reach by 5%.

πŸ…° Text-Only Posts

  • Best at 1,800-2,100 characters.
  • Hooks increase engagement by up to 40%.
  • Strong CTA = 25% engagement boost.

πŸ“Ή Video Posts

  • 1-2 minutes long boosts interaction by 40%.
  • Vertical videos gain 15% more reach.
  • Native uploads avoid a 50% cut in reach from external links.

😎 Visuals Matter

  • Personal images boost visibility by 15-20%.
  • RELEVANT Images increase engagement 45%
  • Brand colours increase recall by 15%.

πŸ’¬ Engage to Be Seen:

  • Engaging with creators boosts your content’s visibility.
  • Comments are best
  • Direct engagement enhances your feed presence.
  • Saving a post nearly guarantees the author's next post will appear in your feed.

🫑 Content Dos

  • Mix content types for broad appeal.
  • Keep mobile optimization in mind.
  • Embrace storytelling.
  • Overly promotional posts = -75% engagement

πŸ“ˆ Stay Analytical

  • Monitor performance to tweak your strategy.

Insights here have been taken from the (Linkedin) Algorithm Insights 2024 report, by, produced by Richard Van Der Blom.

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