Automate your Linkedin posts with google alerts

Cool automation to get a continuous flow of LinkedIn posts appearing on your company page without lifting a finger πŸ‘‡

Watch the video tutorial here:

Setup Google Alert RSS feed

-> Setup a google alert for a topic relevant to your audience.
->This gives you a feed of every new article hitting google about a topic you care about.
-> Create multiple RSS feeds to cover different topics

Use ChatGPT to write Linkedin posts

-> Use chatGPT to write Linkedin posts based on the articles in the RSS feed

Google Sheets

-> Store all the posts in sheets so you can review them and tweak
-> Use separate sheets if you have multiple feeds and topics.


-> Automatically push posts to your Linkedin company page

-> Tie the whole automation together with Make and set it to run every time a new article is posted on the internet.

The cool thing here is you can keep a stream of content coming through that's super current and positions you as a thought leader in your space.

Hope this was useful!

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