400+ Cold Email Resources

400+ Cold Email Resources

Over the last few years I've helped 100+ SaaS businesses scale their outreach through our other agency Cold Email Studio.

This database is a compilation of some of the best resources on doing cold outreach that we've shared over the years.

Topics cover:

  • Building and writing outbound sales campaigns
  • A/B Testing email campaigns
  • How to avoid spam-triggering words?
  • How to boost engagement with followups?
  • How to build prospect lists?
  • How to build your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
  • How to interpret cold email stats?
  • How to personalize cold emails at scale?
  • Writing followup sequences
  • How to write good intro lines for cold emails?
  • How to write subject lines for cold emails?
  • How to write the body of your cold emails?
  • How to write the call to action (CTA) in your cold emails?
  • Setting up SPF and DKIM records
  • Setting up secondary domains
  • Setting up additional email accounts
  • Warming up your email accounts
  • Improving email deliverability
  • What do do if email accounts get suspended?
  • Software tools for doing cold outreach


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